Sunday, March 20, 2011


Since last Wednesday, aku macam dah jadi orang nomad. Mana taknya berulang-alik dari Bota ke Ipoh. Ni semua sebab my sisters coming back from KL. And mom hoping me coming back everyday after work. Its really tiring in fact.

On last Wednesday the most tiring as that day I travelled to Kuala Kangsar and Taiping. Only in the afternoon I'm back to the office...and after office hour have to travel to Bota. Haiiihhh.......

Almost a week I got cough and flue. And the worst part is I'm losing my voice!!

Tak pernah rasa se'sangap' macam ni setiap kali balik kampung. Mana taknya, streamyx aku kat kampung dah kena 'tembak' dengan petir last Monday. And I can't access internet! Arrrgghhhh!!! Its really killing broadband can't get signal in kampung...=(

Because of that, on this bright Sunday morning...I'm in Petronas Seri Iskandar having my breakfast while surfing the internet..yep crazy. But I need the internet ok!

Sorry mom...I told you that I need to fill up petrol in my car. But in fact, I need internet connection and I need English newspaper too. Ahh English newspaper here. Adoii aku memang sangap giler dah ni..!!!

I love kampung very much but when it comes to internet connection I just can't stand it..untill and unless I really need 'disconnection'....

I think I better go offline right now. Mom definately will ask why I'm taking so long to fill up petrol in my car..

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  1. bayangkan aku hari2 dok bota. eh, aku ada astro at least.. hihi