Friday, October 28, 2011

50 book challenge?!

It is certainly not my target for this year 'my reading challenge'. My target to read 36 books had completed months ago. In addition, I reached 50 books read as at to date! Okey let see how many books I manage to read by end of this year...=) [I don't care if people say I'm showing off..]

This is my goal, my challenge, what I want to read, what people say and think on my reading challenge & list, I don't care.

To me, lets celebrate and respect others on their reading..

After completed my original target, aku bereksprimentasi dengan penulis2 lain yang aku tak pernah baca bukunya sebelum ni.

p/s: tengah fikir [pilih] buku seterusnya untuk dibaca. My sister going to Expo Buku Islam and already asked her to buy books for me..=)

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