Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nothing Lasts Forever by Sidney Sheldon

First time reading Sidney Sheldon's novel. Even my sister and my colleague love to read Sidney Sheldon's novel but I haven't read before. Until last Friday I bought 'Nothing Lasts Forever' for my colleague at Novel Hut, Ipoh Parade. What I can say the novel just...superb, thrill and intriguing! I spent the whole weekend reading it...=)

I just love Dr. Paige Taylor as much as I love Dr. Joanna Blalock in Deadly Exposure by Leonard Goldberg. This novel really irresistible and I can't stop from reading it.

Dr. Paige Taylor is an intern at Embarcadero Hospital at San Francisco together with Dr. Kat Hunter and Dr. Honey Taft. Through out the four years of her intern, she progress to be a good surgeon. But at the end of her intern she was charged for murder of her patient, John Cronin and inherit 1 million from the patient. She swore it was euthanasia. But the District Attorney wants her to be convicted for first degree murder and send her to the gas chamber.

Will she be convicted or acquitted? Did she really killed the patient for 1 million dollars??



  1. cik kak, mana aci letak entry mcm ni.skang saya rasa gelisah selagi x dpt baca huwaaaaa

  2. antara buku Sidney Sheldon yg best